1. A $200 deposit is required when you make a booking to secure the date. The date you require is not secured for you until this deposit has been received by us. We can not and will not hold a booking date for you without this deposit. This payment is non refundable in the event of client cancellation.

The balance payable for your booking once paid is also non refundable in the event of client cancellation.


2. An email will be sent to you stating that we agree to provide our services on your booking date and requesting the deposit to be paid. You must inform us via email that you have paid your deposit.


3. Prior to paying your initial deposit you must complete and return the customer information sheet, the terms and conditions and onboard rules, making sure that all fields have been completed accurately and that the appropriate box has been ticked stating that you have read and understand The Magic Bus terms and conditions and onboard rules.


4. Your credit card details are required as a bond and must be included on the customer information sheet. The expenses incurred will be taken from your credit card in the event of any damage to, theft from or mess made on the vehicle or unplanned extra hire time such as passengers being late and causing the vehicle and driver to wait. The details of these costs will be outlined in an email and sent to you.


5. The agreed balance and any other service payments agreed upon for the booking must be paid at least 1 week prior to the booking date and you must inform us via email that this balance has been paid.


6. If payment is not received the booking will be cancelled after correspondence by phone or email has occurred.


7. The Magic Bus will not be liable for any illness, personal injury, property loss or damage which occurs during the booking.


8. It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they have proof of identification and are of legal age to consume alcohol during the booking.


9. The Magic Bus Company personnel must be advised of any medical conditions of any passenger which may affect the booking or cause a health and safety issue or risk.


10. The Magic Bus Company reserves the right to alter any part of the booking at its discretion, due to unforeseen circumstances, operational requirements, restraints or weather conditions.


11. In the event of unforeseen circumstances no compensation will be given for late arrival or deviation from the customer’s original plans or times.


12. The Magic Bus reserves the right to exclude any passengers from a booking or portion of if he/she presents a danger or a safety hazard to others or if he/she commits any unlawful or illegal acts, or does not conform to The Magic Bus on board rules. We also reserve the right to cancel a booking on the spot for any health and safety concerns and/or risks caused by any passenger or any unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.


12. The Magic Bus reserves the right to resell a booking if a deposit or balance has not been paid in the period stipulated in these conditions after two attempts have been made by The Magic Bus personnel to obtain the payment.


13. The Magic Bus vehicles are ‘over sized’ vehicles and therefore we can not alter or deviate from a route, pick up point or drop off without prior notification of at least 7 days.



Please refer to the quote/ invoice that we sent you regarding the payment methods for the deposit to confirm a booking, the balance payment for the booking and any other payment for our services.

Please note that we prefer direct deposits to our account listed on your invoice.




The number 1 rule for everyone on board our buses is have a great time and enjoy yourselves.

There are however certain rules that must be adhered to for legal and health and safety reasons and to ensure that your event runs smoothly and successfully.

Your bond will be forfeited and the booking may be stopped for any passenger’s involvement in any of the following incidents. We also reserve the right to remove any passengers from the bus for not adhering to our rules.


1. Verbal or physical abuse directed towards The Magic Bus staff.

2. Weapons or any other dangerous items including glass being brought on the bus. Drinks are not permitted in glass on our buses.

3. Damage to or theft from the bus, any venue visited, any passengers or the general public.

4. Aggressive or serious anti social behavior of any description, including excessive intoxication.

5. A well founded serious complaint from venue staff, the police or general public.

6. Vomiting or urinating on the bus or throwing liquids or items in or out of the bus.

7. Swearing or aggressive shouting from windows or the doorway of the bus.

8. Leaning out or hanging any body parts out of the bus windows or door.

9. Allowing access onto the bus any person who is not included in the group booking.

10. Attempting to use the stairs or standing up or moving around the bus while the bus is in motion, unless in an emergency.

11. Attempting to distract the driver whilst he is driving.

12. Smoking on the bus of any substances

13. Bringing illegal substances on to the bus.

14. Neglecting to return to be bus more than 15 minutes from the arranged pick up time (depending on the circumstances)

15. Excessive mess on board the vehicle.

16. Disobeying the requests or demands made by our Magic Bus staff/ hosts and hostesses.

17. Stomping feet on the floor of the top deck.

18. Taking food or drinks on board the bus, unless permission has been previously given.

19. Taking  glass on the bus.

20. Walking around the bus

21. standing on seats or standing or sitting on  back window ledges.





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