School Formals

First impressions count…

If you consider yourself unique,

someone who likes to stand out from the crowd

and hoping you’ll get that extra cred’ when you top off your year with a trip to your formal in funkiest psychedelic double decker bus you’ve ever seen or perhaps you’d prefer to add a touch of vintage class with our fabulous red bus fleet…then look no further than our double decker buses.


Picture this …

Bunch of kids all arriving, dressed to impress, in various forms of transport, then in the distance a steady base beat can be heard getting closer and closer, every ones looking, cant help but feel the beat, then around the corner comes the most amazing psychedelic bus ever!! Everyone on board is groovin up the aisles and as the doors open and the beat fills the space, the funkiest bunch of hipsters disembark, totally pumped, and looking like tonight’s definitely gunna be their night!

So where are you standing?

Are you on the pavement watching on, wishing you had thought of the Magic Bus, sneaking a quick photo of someone else’s ride!

Or are you on the Magic Bus, cruising off the bus, seeing the looks of envy in the crowd and feeling like you truly know who you are and what you want and how to get it!


Our buses are equipped with state of the art sound systems and being the ‘vibe’ creators that we are we have some seriously funky playlists, however you are welcome to put together your own playlist that best represents you and the passed year of school.

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